Mount Nemrud: The Throne of The Gods

Located in Eastern Turkey and considered as the eighth wonder of the ancient world, Mount Nemrud has been a source of mystery and debate for more than 2000 years; ever since Antiochos of Kommagene chose it as his burial sanctuary. With the use of never-before seen archival footage of excavations, on-site interviews with scholars,  3-D computer animations, and superb battle re-enactments, the film traces the history of the Mount Nemrud sanctuary and its builder, Antiochus the Great of Kommagene.

Length and language: Produced both in English and Turkish, 52 minute, documentary video

Written, Produced and Directed: Tolga Örnek

Narrated By: Joseph Campanella

Music: Can Atilla

Director of Photography: Ferhan Akgün

Sound: Ismail Karadas

Research: Feza Toker

Distribution and Awards: The film is being distributed worldwide by Star 8 Entertainment, located in Los Angeles, and Documentary Educational Resources, located in Boston. The film has won the first place in the history/biography category of the US International Film and Video Festival in Chicago, the best documentary film award at the Avsa Film Festival in Turkey, and the RAI TV prize in Torento Film Festival. It has also been accepted to numerous festivals in Europe and the US. In June 2000, the film has also been added to the screening list of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. This film has been sold to  and broadcast on  CNN-TURK in Turkey, Discovery Channel in Canada, RAI 3 in Italy, ZDF in Germany, and the History Channel in Portugal and Spain.