The Hittites

This is the glorious story of the Hittites - the most powerful people in the Near East of their time. Narrated by Academy Award winner Jeremy Irons, "The Hittites" brings the fascinating history of this mighty empire to life with expert interviews, stunning cinematography, dramatic reenactments, and visual effects. Highlights include a breathtaking recreation of the controversial battle of Kadesh that decimated the armies of Egypt's Pharaoh Ramesses II. Based on the actual words of the Hittites, deciphered from ancient clay tablets excavated in the 20th century, their story unfolds as beautifully as it written almost 3500 years earlier. Spanning two years and more than 100 days of principal photography in locations across Egypt, Syria and Turkey, "The Hittites" was produced in six countries. A crew of several hundred constructed over 20.000 historically accurate props and sets; including a miniature scale model of the ancient capital city; full-scale working battle chariots; and replicas of period statuary, pottery, armor, costumes and weaponry. Accompanied by a haunting original musical score performed by the Prague Symphony Orchestra, "The Hittites" is a true journey into a civilization's past.


120 Minute, Docu-Drama, Super 35 mm, English, Turkish, Japanese

Written And Directed By: Tolga Örnek

Narrated By: Jeremy Irons / Cuneyt Turel

Cast (In Alphabetical Order):
Yesim Alic
Haluk Bilginer
Sanem Celik
Gurhan Elmalioglu
Atilla Eroglu
Huseyin Koroglu
Fikret Kuskan
Burak Sergen
Cuneyt Turel
Executive Producers:
Burak Ornek
Sadun Eren
Robert Kirk
Rob Lihani
Produced By:
Sevda Kaygisiz
Ali Kaygisiz

Co-Producer:Peter Hankwitz

Director Of Photography: Ferhan Akgun

Editor: Hakan Akol

Music Composed And Orchestrated By:Tamer Ciray

Research: Feza Toker

Production Designer: Erhan Akgun

Location Sound: Ismail Karadas


The film has been shown in private screenings in ABD Los Angeles, Washington DC. The Smithsonian Institute, England British Museum, Australia Canberra, Japan Tokyo. The film, also, participated in the international film festivals in Egypt Ismailiye, Holland Amsterdam and Italy Rovereto. In Turkey, the film reached to 78.000 audience. The film is internationally distributed by Solid Entertainment. The DVD with English – Turkish options and with extras is distributed by Palermo.