Heart of Steel: Eregli

The story of the Black Sea coastal town of Ere?li is rich in history: it’s the home of the great mythological hero, Heracles; it has witnessed the adventures of the Argonauts; it was ruled by one of the most powerful queens of the ancient world, Amastris; and  it was the setting for  the only naval battle during the Turkish War of Independence.  It’s rich in coal and the home to the largest iron and steel works in Turkey.

This is a biography on Ere?li: how the city achieved its current status as an industrial and commercial centre on the Black Sea. History is recreated through graphic animations and illustrations, along with a mixture of archive photographs, films and interviews with experts and witnesses.

Length: 45 Minutes, Documentary Video Film, 2002

Director: Tolga Ornek

Project Coordinator: Bahar Evgin

Composer: Tamer Ciray

Research: Feza Toker

Sound: Ismail Karadas